Swish the sound makes
Seen from a distant place
Intangible frozen bites
Pierce mounted so might

Empty, never have been
Possibilities unaware
Gets excited, nor bowlin’
Linger linger beware

Tiring as it makes
Slouchy never fails
Crowded with no spot
Consumed with no drop

Steer it everywhere
Likelihood with no sense
Nay, pick the right bells
No way there

""When your Achievements Start to Glow Criticisms will start to flow, it’s a sign where you have reached beyond your social limitation" - steve bechara"

1skins, 2 skins

Gratitude to all the nights
Eternal bliss left behind
No one cared, all but bind
For bondage makes it all right

Five lads, triple lassy
All minds twisted but classy
Wanker and twats they are indeed
Learnt and agreed

Splendid moments had come
Ups and highs they ride
Fuck it, fuck it, fuck it cum
Such culture not to hide

Apart is inevitable
Separation anxious abode
Little they know
Now wide and bold

Likewise, boy to man
Hopeful for the time
Cease to can
Release the pantomime


Circle it up
Clockwise name the game
Next is the unknown high
Tune it up, I never care

Smooth smooth so damn good
Lost in the works of hollywood
Little drips add or subtract
Everyting extracts

How do you spend
Or waste the inretrievable
Round ‘n round
A stonem full of shoal

Never Forget 9th of 11th

A little morning breeze

Sunrays in the windows oversee

Loud whispers, floors shaking

Let the day be filled with working

A seemingly concrete swiftly flashed

Distant from nowhere, nobody cared

One moment, dusts every now and then

Leaving a tower crying and burden

Can’t you see? Can’t they see?

People screaming way up thee?

Showers of stones how fast it could be

Poor nothing to something


Born To Be

Some people find their arsenal
Some don’t
Some are born with it
Some makes it the real deal

Ideas so incomplete
Conceptual, love this
Why complicate
Stop breathing, suffering’s there